Regency Links
An excellent place to start your research on the Regency era. It includes
information on coaching, the military, Regency life, and much more. The site also
features an extensive collection of links.
The Regency Fashion Page
One of the best sites on the Internet for information on Regency fashion. Cathy
Decker, the site's creator, includes hundreds of images and explanations of Regency
A Regency Repository
A comprehensive site that features information on the arts, education, fashion,
politics, etc. on the Regency era.
Good Ton- A Resource for Regency Readers & Writers
A popular web site that includes a Regency lexicon, numerous links, and Regency
novels sorted by plot (especially good if you're stumped on a plot).
The Georgian Index
Another excellent site for the Regency writer. It includes comprehensive
information on Regency London and all facets of Regency life.
Regency England
A smaller web site maintained by Yvonne Forsling. It provides specific details and
images on Regency weddings, Regency shopping (with an interesting page on
shopping malls), and Regency colors.
Writing Links
Fiction Factor
This site features a number of articles on the craft of writing, including genre
specific advice for writers of fantasy, romance, and horror.
Resources for Romance Writers
The name says it all. Charlotte Dillon's award-winning site features information
specific to romance writers and offers sample synopses & query letters, advice on
writing, and numerous links to other helpful web sites.
The Eclectic Writer
A very helpful site for the budding writer. It includes an excellent fiction writer's
character chart and numerous links broken down by genre. resources
A subsection of the Romantic Times online magazine that's geared specifically to the
romance writer. It includes numerous articles by published romance authors of
everything from the synopsis to characters to self-editing.
General Research
A very useful web site when considering character types and personalities. This site
discusses 9 basic personality types- very useful as you construct your characters. Maps to Everywhere
A very useful site if you're hunting for specific settings. You can do searches for any
country in the world, plus get aerial photos.
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