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A Bride for the Viscount

An enchanting historical-paranormal romance from The Wild Rose Press

Ariadne Alton, lady’s maid par excellence, is in desperate straits. She has just been sacked
by her employer and has nowhere to go—until, that is, she sees a letter requesting a bride
for Viscount Holt. Not even a haunted estate or rumors of the viscount’s eccentricities will
stop Ariadne from securing her husband even if it means concealing her true identity . . .
until she falls in love.

James Knighton, Viscount Holt, has no intention of taking a  bride, especially when his
mother has seen fit to auction him off like livestock by sending out a proposal letter to a
neighboring family. Then he sees Ariadne for the first time and decides marriage could be
just what he and his ailing estate need.

Will their new love be strong enough to withstand deception and the estate’s sly ghost?

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Adrian Knighton, Earl of Holworth, hated the twenty first century. And adding to his ire, as a
ghost trapped within his own castle, he had limited options as far as locales were concerned.
He glared at the latest inhabitant who entered the Holworth Castle, well, bookshop. Adrian
snorted. A bookshop, b’God. That the venerable Holworth Castle, which had protected the
Dorset countryside for centuries, was now a receptacle for lurid novels and dusty tomes. And
peasants of any kind could simply wander in whenever they wanted, which they did with
alarming frequency.
Take this latest inhabitant, for instance. Back in his day, Adrian thought indignantly, a man
dressed in such dishabille would have been expelled from the Holworth keep on his arse. A
torn shirt, filthy shoes, and his hair- Adrian had once seen a book on mammals in North
America, and for the life of him, he couldn’t understand why an Englishman would want his
hair to stick up like a porcupine.
It was simply unbearable and entirely unacceptable- except for


"Overwhelmingly witty, THE EARL'S ENCHANTMENT delights with its whimsical nature. . .Sara
Freeze is one of the names I will be reading again soon."
CK2S Kwips and Kritiques
"I enjoyed The Earl’s Enchantment for a number of reasons, but mostly because Sara Freeze
has written memorable characters that are still making me smile!"
Fallen Angel Reviews
"The nineteenth century portion of the story is as good as the twenty-first and the author is
equally adept in historical, contemporary and paranormal aspects of this very good romance. "
The Romance Studio

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